1. I’m so sick of meat and fish. I don’t know what it is, but I feel like i’m picking around it and I just don’t want it any more. I didn’t usually eat meat every meal prior to this diet so it’s getting a little more difficult for me. I can’t wait to have cottage cheese and eggs again.

2. The last 20 days have been the slowest moving weight loss. I have readjusted my goal weight for the end of this diet because I haven’t been losing nearly as fast as I had hoped that I would. I am hoping to lose 25 overall by phase 3, which I believe will be June 3rd for me (my instructions say to only go 40 days max on this diet). [warning men: lady things] I started my third period while on this diet and I think that may be contributing to my lack of weight loss. By the way, I only stopped my injections for the first period. I gained weight. The second and third I have kept up with my injections and have seen some weight loss. 

3. My 30 day update is going to be a day late since I can’t really get to it today. I plan on it being up tomorrow :)

I’m extra proud of myself for NOT CHEATING. :) It has been 30 days so far and I haven’t cheated once. I won’t lie, there have been some really difficult times when I didn’t think I could keep away, but I did. Some of these times i’m not sure how. I actually find that I get a little upset when I see other people cheating.. especially when they’re stil losing weight! hah. Not trying to be mean to people who are on this diet and are having a hard time, I promise! I just have such bad urges to cheat sometimes. I’m a bit jealous, I think!

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