So I think I’ve reached a serious plateau. I have lost less than 2 pounds over the course of this last week. Many days where I had the exact same weight as the day prior. I think that I’m going to have an apple day today. I really didn’t want to do it this way, but I have a feeling that this is the only way I’ll get over this. 

Also, I hit a vein injecting yesterday and blood came out after the needle. Totally freaked me out… I tend to faint already with needles and this did not help. If anyone has any tips on how you inject I would love a little knowledge (at least for those doing the injections). :)

Day 11

SW: 157.8

CW: 147

Goal: 120

So my weight loss has totally slowed down… I’ve been 147 for the past couple of days and before that 149.2 for two days straight. It’s making me a little nervous. I don’t really want to do an apple day. Other than that, I’ve been sticking to the diet and haven’t cheated once! I’m very proud of myself and have had a serious hard time getting here. Now that I am here though, I do have hope that I can stay strong through the month of May. 

The weekdays are exceptionally easier for me as compared to the weekends. The only exception is Monday nights when everyone is drinking and eating fried foods at the bar after our kickball league. I just pulled out my orange and went on. It’s so tempting smelling that potsticker sauce. My mom and I have decided that our treat for making it through the weekends is lobster. Since it’s ok the okay list and it isn’t too unreasonably priced (especially since we split it) we decided that it was a great treat! We just ask them to steam it and bring it with lemons. Works out perfect. Luckily a lot of the places near us are used to some extreme dieters :) .


On a less than happy note, my emotions have been going crazy and I don’t know what is getting to me. I am pretty sure that it has something to do with this diet or my lack of food.. I don’t know. I am not usually an emotional person, but lately everything makes me want to cry. Friends eating and drinking, the pressure of being a ref (for 3rd base :/ ) and my mom eating before I can sit down and eat has brought me to tears. It seems like any little thing that happens will set me off. I am starting to think that I was becoming an emotional eater and just didn’t know it. I’m very curious if anyone else is on this weird emotional rollercoaster?


I have found that ceviche is a perfect dish to make for me. I love ceviche and since I am currently on a little trip to my hometown to see a friend that’s going through a rough time, I found it was the perfect road trip meal. It is really difficult to figure out how i’m going to survive without a kitchen and this is great. I was so excited about this… you have no idea.

This unexpected trip caused me to be a little behind on updating, which is why my 10 day update was late.

Note: This is a bit of a rant. I will be posting my progress hopefully on Tuesday. I am aiming for photo comparisons every 10 days (since I am planning on doing 40 days total). 

Yesterday: A couple of things… I met my friend downtown and went with her to the farmer’s market to get some veggies and fruits and did pretty well not giving in to tamales temptation. We then went to a really neat shop that we have here that specifies in olive oil and is totally awesome. It’s called We Olive. Here is the link if you’re interested and on to the part of the diet where we can have it again: Since I knew that I couldn’t consume olive oil, I ended up getting a bottle of balsamic vinegar even though I wasn’t sure if I could have it. I have done some googling about it and from what I understand it’s okay, but recommended that it’s used in exceptionally small portions. So, I haven’t used it much at all. The day turned in to a difficult one because my social Saturday night activities were going to a brewery (that served pizza and crazy good looking food), going to Sushi and hanging out at a friend’s house (drinking..). It wasn’t being in these places that gave me difficulty, it was the peer pressure. They got a beer sampler and one of my friends was insisting that the sample isn’t going to ruin my diet and to just drink it and everything, but I stayed strong and said no to even a sample. It was difficult and all that I was trying to do was not cry because it was a lot of pressure for me (I don’t know why, but I feel like i’ve been a lot more emotional on this diet than normal). When we went to sushi it was the same kind of deal, but it was easier to hold my ground since I had some green tea :). When I joined my friends at their home it was difficult to say no to “only have a bit of vodka. It won’t hurt you.” I made it through the day anyway and was glad that I did… and then today happened.

Today: Today was definitely my most difficult day of all of my days so far. My boyfriend and I went in to Los Angeles today so that we could go to the History of Metal exhibit at the Grammys Museum, LACMA and The Grove shopping center. On the way there we stopped so he could get a breakfast burrito. I seriously could not stop thinking about how I just want a bit of the tortilla (oh my.. the things that start to look good..) so I did the best I could to look away. I mostly made it through the day okay until we got the farmer’s market area at the Grove and I could smell all of the delicious types of food and I wanted it all. I was so hungry by this point that it was hardly bareable. We ended up decided to leave so that we could get me somewhere so that I could eat something. We went to BJs for dinner since he really enjoys their pizza. I ended up getting a house salad with everything on the side. I ate all of the lettuce and drank all of my tea … while I watched him eat an entire cheese pizza! Oh the horrors. I was so hungry when I got home, I was cranky. I finally got some shrimp and an orange in me as well as a bit of celery and now i’m okay, but definitely considering upping my dose from 15ml to 17ml tomorrow for my kickball tournament (where we go drink and have 1/2 off appatizers afterward).

I am so glad today is over. I can sleep it off and hopefully my cravings won’t keep me up tonight!

Day 7 Injections: Day 4 Diet

-5.8 (152)

Looks like my weight loss is back on track. I was very glad to see that my weight went down a bit despite my little period setback. Hope to keep this up. :) I went to bars tonight and didn’t drink one sip! Oh, my accomplishments! Baby steps. I haven’t had any headaches lately so i’m glad about that. I do find that I have exceptional cravings for certain food items late at night. In particular grilled cheese, baked brie and bacon. I don’t know where they come from, but it’s like I can taste the texture and flavor thinking about it. It’s only later at night that it’s hitting me. During the day I feel fine and don’t have nearly as serious cravings. I don’t even eat bacon or brie that often! Gah.. healthy food healthy food. I want to fit in my old pants… heh.

Also, I am going to stop eating the blood oranges now because i’m concerned that they’re not actually on the diet. I didn’t really think about it until someone mentioned it to me. I have been reading that it may be a hybrid between a pomelo and a tangerine. So bye bye blood orange.. for now. hehe.

I utilized some recipes I found online for meatballs ( and marinara ( It wasn’t the exact recipe, but pretty close. I definitely felt accomplished. I also found a use for my coffee grinder, other than to grind coffee with this nice mix of spices I’m in need of a little more adventure with these options. My palette likes a little variety!
Woke up this morning to find that I had gained 1.6lbs. Boo. This diet better get back on track soon!

Slight Overview

I don’t want to go in to exactly what the diet is. There’s plenty of information about it all over the internet. I will say that the doctor I went to isn’t following it exactly and I am allowed unlimited lettuce and cabbage every day. However, I have decided that I will only use this is option if i’m super hungry. I just wanted to start these posts for myself and if other people are interested. Hopefully I will keep this up since so far i’ve been extra tired and it has made me not want to start the blogs.

Starting Weight: 157.8

Goal: 120-125


Day 5 Injections: Day 2 Diet

-3.2lbs (154.6lbs)

This is a picture of everything that I consumed today (besides water and vitamins that I was given). I am supposed to be on the fifth day of the injections, but since my period decided to show up I have actually only done 4. I am starting the injections again tomorrow since my period only lasted a day (they’ve been extra weird lately and I think the injections might have brought it back :/ ). Yesterday was my first day on the 500 calorie a day diet and it was definitely difficult, but not as bad as today. I can’t seem to stop thinking about all of the yummy food I’m missing out on. heh. I am planning on bumping the injection up to 15ml/day starting tomorrow in order to help curb my hunger a bit more. Hope it helps me! It’s probably worse today because I didn’t take my injection this morning. I’m also hoping this period setback doesn’t set me back too much!