I just ended my HCG Phase 3 course today (3 weeks of P3). I went out with a splurge too :/ … other than that, I think that I did really well. When I weighed myself this morning I was only .7 of a lb over what my last injection weight was and that was after I went for a run and had breakfast so I think that it would have been lower. I was at 136 even during that weigh in. I haven’t decided how often I will or will not weigh myself from here. I’m so used to weighing myself every day now! I think that I may have an obsession! eek!

I did really well and only had a sliver of a piece of bread earlier in P3, however today I realized how close I was to the end and splurged with a mini veggie pizza at BJs and a mini red velvet pizookie… though I was way too full to finish it! We will see how it changes my weight tomorrow. Hopefully not too much!

Also, I found that I went crazy on Almond Butter. OMG it’s amazing. I think I was eating way too much.. but hopefully i’ll get over it soon. [It was organic from Lassens.. no sugars added or anything]

I cut out most of my meat too. I’m working on finding better non-animal protein sources for my new, ideal diet. Trying to make sure I got 9-12 cups of veggies in a day! Talk about difficult!

I think that’s about it of my phase 3 gibber jabber. :P Moving this blog over to a diet/fitness direction since I want to get down to my UGW by diet and fitness from here. I don’t think HCG is worth it for the last 16 lbs.

I wish that I realized that the average weight loss was about 25 pounds for phase 2. I wouldn’t have had such high expectations of 35 pounds.

I’m glad that I started at the beginning of the week and didn’t go out for the first few days. I probably should have stayed in that first weekend too though. The first week is definitely the hardest to say “no”.

Starting a project and keeping busy really helps keep my mind off food. I actually started making cookbooks. It helped me to look at food and not have to be in front of it or smell it. Other than that, I would watch food documentaries that made me think twice about the food that I was consuming. I ended up watching these shows on Netflix:

  • The entire TEDTalks: Chew on This series
  • Killer at Large: Why Obesity is America’s Great Threat
  • Food Fight
  • Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead
  • Food, inc.
  • Forks Over Knives

I wish that I would have known about a purchased Bragg’s Liquid Aminos a long time ago. I am going to use this forever.

I’m glad that i’ve learned to cook food in new and healthier ways. I am looking forward to changing my lifestyle and incorporating more fruits and veggies in to my daily eating habits. 

I’m glad that this diet taught me the importance of clean eating and gave me a fresh start to changing my ways.

Overall, this diet hasn’t really been a diet to me. It’s been more of a new way of thinking and it has given me more of a jumpstart on a better lifestyle. I am happy that I have done this and the weight loss was a plus too. :)

I made an entirely new spreadsheet for phase 3 today after I talked to my doctor. I had made the original one off an old copy. This is my new one if anyone is interested. Sheet 1 is a checklist to ensure that I’m getting all of my food/day in and not missing anything. Sheet 2 is the food list from my doctor. There are many variations. This is just what my doctor recommends. All food is supposed to be organic, cage free or raised on a wild diet. There’s less animal protein in order to reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. This is what I will be going by. I just wanted to post in case it helps any of you. :)

Final update after R1 P2 of the HCG diet. 

Final update after R1 P2 of the HCG diet. 

Sweet and Sour Shrimp

This one was amazing. I made it for my family and my stepdad super enjoyed it. I think i’ll be making it again :) It was also my last meal on P2 so that was very nice. The recipe came from here: http://www.firstcoastmd.com/pdfbin/free-hCG-diet-recipes.pdf

Beef Broccoli 

I just made this one up as I went and it turned out pretty well. It’s just a bit of garlic powder, salt, pepper, orange and liquid aminos. I’m sure there are a lot more and better recipes online, but I was pretty okay with winging it. :)

I retyped what I had as a guideline for phase 3. This way was easiest for me to understand. You may find it useful too. :)

Balsamic Crusted Steak and “Spaghetti”  I took the recipe for the Balsamic Crusted Steak from this tumblr (it just sounded really good… ): http://oneg0al.tumblr.com/beef. It was good. I ended up pan frying it. I think it would have been better in the oven. It had some very strong flavor to it. I would recommend not drenching it like I did. haha. The spaghetti sauce was just mashed up tomatoes, a bit of pan fried (in veggie broth) garlic and onion, some cayenne pepper, ground pepper, garlic salt, oregano and basil. The sauce was set upon Miracle Noodles

38 Days on the HCG Diet Measurements and Update as of my last injection. I will post my before and after pictures tomorrow. :) 

38 Days on the HCG Diet Measurements and Update as of my last injection. I will post my before and after pictures tomorrow. :) 

I decided that today is going to be my last day of my injections. I’m stopping a couple of days early for reasons. haha… I am going to breakfast with my mom on friday and kind of want a cushion day before hand so that I can get used to maintenance phase! I’m at 135.6 today. :/